I believe that headphones are a must-have item in everyone's life. When you are alone in the car on the road, or at the party table in the office, listening to your favorite song with headphones is an extremely enjoyable and personal thing. When you do n’t affect others and do n’t want to socialize, you can immerse yourself in your own world. But now we are in a society with severe environmental noise pollution. It is not as simple as turning up the volume to truly enjoy a moment of peace and comfort. For this reason, the function of noise reduction with headphones came into being.

降噪耳机 在各大电商平台单日销售额突破4亿元,其中京东平台降噪耳机销量同比增长231%。 During the "Double Eleven" shopping carnival that just ended this month, the single-day sales of noise-cancelling headphones on major e-commerce platforms exceeded 400 million yuan, of which the sales volume of noise-cancelling headphones on Jingdong platform increased by 231% year-on-year. It can be said that the noise reduction headset market has been in a hot state this year, and Apple, Beats, Sony, Sennheiser and major mobile phone manufacturers have also entered the market.
In fact, the phenomenon of noise reduction headphones "full bloom" can not only appear in China. According to estimates from global statistical agencies, the market space for noise-cancelling headphones is still huge, and sales will continue to grow strongly in the future. It is estimated that by 2020, the global shipment of noise-cancelling headphones is expected to reach 150 million, and the market size will increase to 100 billion yuan, with a compound annual growth rate of 52%.
Recently, Apple ’s new Noise Cancelling Headphones Airpods Pro has changed people ’s eyes. Products that were once spit by netizens like "pea shooter" have now started the "True Fragrance" mode after experience. Someone may ask that the sound quality of this product is not as good as Sony and the noise reduction is not as good as Bose. Why can it surpass the major headphone giants in sales? I do n’t know Xiaobian, maybe this is the charm of mobile phone manufacturers!
In terms of technology, Airpods Pro has a new active noise reduction function compared to the previous generation. It uses the ANC technology solution from Ams Semiconductor. It is understood that this solution is based on algorithms to achieve active noise reduction for semi-in-ear earbuds. Changes in the ambient sound adjust the configuration of the ambient noise and the noise reduction parameters required for optimization. In terms of charging boxes, there are Broadcom's 59356A2KUBG charging module, Texas Instruments' 97A4PQ1, and NXP's 610A3B KN3308 charging IC. Ultra-low-power and noise-reducing audio can bring consumers a feast of music anytime, anywhere. Chris Havell, senior director of product marketing at Qualcomm, said that a true TWS headset needs to support voice assistant, active noise reduction, and all-day battery. Endurance, left and right earbuds are freely interchangeable.
Apple's entry into the noise-cancelling headset market has undoubtedly intensified competition within the industry, but this competition has played a driving role in the current weak state of the semiconductor industry, because noise-cancelling headsets require a main chip more than traditional headsets. The main algorithms and computing power required for noise. In the current consumer electronics field, when 5G smartphones have not yet become the "main attacker", noise-cancelling headphones are expected to become "fire heroes" in the consumer electronics field in the next two to three years. In fact, domestic semiconductor manufacturers have already made arrangements in advance, such as Lixun Precision, GoerTek, and Zhaoyi Innovation. Among them, Lixun Precision, as a supplier of Apple Airpods, has seen a sharp increase in shipments of precision structural parts.
In short, the market demand will increase the maturity of the technology, and the overall technology will also make the price of noise-cancelling headphones move towards the "friendly" route, and will continue to promote the continuous development and upgrade of components.

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