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Here, you will not have high eyes and low hands, but you can have a starry sky;
Here, you will not pretend to be willful, you will love the company, the team, and the small partners;
Here you can be imperfect, but you must have ideas and passions ...
If you are a good young person who has the ability, the thought, the ideal, and the motivation;
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Job Title People location release time

Sales Engineer



long term effective
description of job:

、 服务与电机客户,熟悉电机行业。 1. Service and motor customers, familiar with the motor industry.

、 制定销售计划,并切实完成 2. Develop a sales plan and complete it

、 公司产品推荐并做相应的市场调研,制定产品推广计划,并力求达成。 3. The company recommends products and conducts corresponding market research, formulates product promotion plans, and strives to achieve them.

、 按客户提供的FCST ,及时备货,保证供应的同时,降低库存。 4. According to the FCST provided by the customer, stock in time to ensure the supply and reduce the inventory.

、 对客户的项目了如指掌,提交公司的备货计划力求准确。 5. Know the customer's items well and submit the company's stock plan to be accurate.

、 保障货款安全,预防坏帐的发生。 6. Safeguard payment and prevent bad debts.

、 每周拜访客户10家以上,当天提交拜访报告。 7. Visit more than 10 customers every week and submit a visit report on the same day.

、 及时处理客诉,树立公司负责任的形象。 8. Handle customer complaints in a timely manner and establish a responsible image of the company.

、 任劳任怨、响应公司出差的要求,杜绝浪费 9. Work hard and complain, respond to the company's business travel requirements, and eliminate waste

、按公司要求着装,保守公司机密。 10. Dress according to company requirements and keep company secrets.


1.   Bachelor degree or above in electronics

2.   Understand IC integrated circuits, familiar with internal modules of integrated circuits

3.   Have a certain understanding of the magnetic sensor or have done the technical support related work of the magnetic sensor

4.   Strong communication skills and teamwork skills

apply immediately

Motor Driven Algorithm Engineer



long term effective
description of job:

负责直流无刷电机控制系统内策略及算法的设计与开发; 1. Responsible for the design and development of strategies and algorithms in the DC brushless motor control system;
负责针对产品项目配合团队进行电机驱动芯片设计参数选型,校核及驱动设计; 2. Responsible for the selection of motor drive chip design parameters, verification and drive design for the product project cooperation team;
负责在FPGA等平台中进行驱动算法的开发,调试及验证; 3. Responsible for the development, debugging and verification of driving algorithms in FPGA and other platforms;
MATLAB/Simulink环境中进行电机控制算法的模型开发。 4. Model development of motor control algorithm in MATLAB / Simulink environment.


电机控制,机械电子,自动化控制等相关专业,本科及以上学历; 1. Bachelor degree or above in motor control, mechanical electronics, automation control and other related majors;
精通电机PID控制, FOC控制,震动抑制,电机参数观测等经典控制方法; 2. Proficient in classic control methods such as motor PID control, FOC control, vibration suppression, motor parameter observation;
精通永磁同步电机的硬件结构,驱动原理; 3. Proficient in the hardware structure and driving principle of permanent magnet synchronous motors;
具有长期嵌入式ARMDSPFPGA等架构的开发经验; 4. Has long-term development experience in embedded ARM , DSP , FPGA and other architectures;
对机器人伺服驱动器有深入了解,有机器人相关伺服驱动开发经验者优先; 5. Have a deep understanding of robot servo drives, and experience in robot-related servo drive development is preferred;

有良好的团队协作能力,踏实,勤奋,有极强的学习新事物的能力。 6. Have good teamwork ability, practical, hard-working, strong ability to learn new things.

熟练使用Design compiler、Lec(FM)、PT、nlint、verdi、vcs等相关EDA软件 7. Familiar with Design compiler, Lec (FM), PT, nlint, verdi, vcs and other related EDA software

良好的职业素养和团队协作能力、沟通、学习能力强 8.Good professional literacy and teamwork skills, strong communication and learning skills

apply immediately

R & D Engineer (motor driven)



long term effective
description of job:

Specification 1. Participate in the specification of chips and modules ;

负责模拟和混合信号 IC 电路的设计和仿真; 2. Responsible for the design and simulation of analog and mixed-signal IC circuits;

指导和协助版图工程师完成电路的版图设计; 3. Guide and assist the layout engineer to complete the layout design of the circuit;

完成电路的 debug 和优化工作; 4. Complete the debugging and optimization of the circuit ;

根据产品制定 CP FT 规范; 5. Formulate CP and FT specifications according to the product ;

完成芯片设计过程中相关设计文档的编写; 6.Complete the preparation of related design documents during the chip design process;

完成关键技术及核心技术的专利编写。 7. Completion of patents for key technologies and core technologies.


年以上集成电路设计经验(最好不要超过 5 年)。 1.2 years of IC design experience (preferably no more than 5 years).  

Virtuoso Hsipce 等集成电路设计工具。 2. Familiar with integrated circuit design tools such as Virtuoso and Hsipce .
3. Have fan drive and motor drive design experience.
4.Three- phase Hall-less fan drive circuit design experience is preferred.
5. Experience in sine wave fan drive circuit design is preferred.

apply immediately

IC Design Engineer (HALL IC direction)



long term effective
description of job:

负责 Hall 集成电路的设计、验证、 debug 和改进; 1. Responsible for the design, verification, debugging and improvement of Hall integrated circuits ;

协助 layout 工程师完成 layout 的布局、设计; 2. Assist layout engineers to complete the layout and design of the layout;

协助测试及产品部门完成产品验证测试。 3. Assist the testing and product departments to complete product verification tests.


、微电子,集成电路设计,电子工程或相关专业硕士以上学历; 1. Master degree or above in microelectronics, integrated circuit design, electronic engineering or related majors;

、了解 Hall 基本原理,有相关集成 Hall 电路设计经验; 2. Understand the basic principles of Hall and have relevant experience in designing integrated Hall circuits;

、正确理解 spec 要求,并根据 spec 选择合理设计方案,并确保可以达到芯片设计的整合要求; 3. Correctly understand the spec requirements, choose a reasonable design solution according to the spec , and ensure that the integration requirements of the chip design can be met;

、熟悉 Bipolar HVCMOS,BCD 等半导体工艺; 4. Familiar with semiconductor processes such as Bipolar , HVCMOS, BCD ;

、熟悉 Linux/unix 操作系统,熟练应用 Cadence hspice EDA 工具。 6. Familiar with Linux / unix operating system, proficient in using Cadence , hspice and other EDA tools.

、熟悉实验室常用测试设备,会做产品性能测试; 7. Familiar with the common testing equipment in the laboratory, and do product performance testing;

、良好的沟通能力和合作精神。 8. Good communication skills and cooperative spirit.

apply immediately

application engineer



long term effective
description of job:

1. Design and production of evaluation board / demonstration board;
2. Assist the quality department to design and produce aging boards for new products;
3. Comparative test analysis of new products and competitors' products, and provide written reports;
4. Internal and external testing and verification of new products, and provide written reports;

、新产品成品测试标准标准样片提供; 5. Provide standard samples of new product finished product test standards;

、协助研发提供产品规格书编写所需相关数据及图表; 6. Assist R & D and provide relevant data and charts required for the preparation of product specifications;
7. Application data writing; product application program design and data writing;
8. Compilation and training of product training materials, technical support for new product promotion;
9. Assist in completing relevant preparations before new product launch;
10. Analysis of customer complaints on product technical quality, and provide technical analysis reports.


1. University degree or above in electronics and related majors;
2.Trained in semiconductor manufacturing, applied electronics, technology management, etc.
3. More than 1 year of relevant work experience;
4. Have a deeper understanding of the semiconductor industry and process;
5. Have a solid theoretical foundation and technical work experience;
6. Have experience in technical support and management.

apply immediately
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