Q: What are the main businesses of OCS?

OCS主要研发设计和销售半导体分立器件、电力电子产品、汽车电子产品、自动仪表、电子元件、集成电路和应用软件,提供相关的技术咨询,从事货物及技术的进出口业务,投资咨询业务。 A: OCS mainly develops, designs and sells semiconductor discrete devices, power electronics products, automotive electronics, automatic instruments, electronic components, integrated circuits and application software, provides related technical consulting, engages in the import and export of goods and technologies, and investment consulting. .

Q: What are the OCS products?

OCS产品主要包括霍尔传感器IC,线性霍尔IC,手机LED闪光灯驱动IC、手机背光驱动IC,TV背光驱动IC,LED照明驱动IC,DC-DC转换IC,AC-DC转换IC,USB限流保护IC、场效应管。 A: OCS products mainly include Hall sensor IC, linear Hall IC, mobile phone LED flash drive IC, mobile phone backlight drive IC, TV backlight drive IC, LED lighting drive IC, DC-DC conversion IC, AC-DC conversion IC, USB Current-limiting protection IC, FET.

Q: How do I buy a product? Is there technical support and after sales service?

购买OCS产品可访问OCS官网vncorp.net,从官网上直接购买,或是从官网上取得OCS各办事处、OCS分销商联系方式联系购买,亦可拨打OCS 电话4000166160或邮件至sales@vncorp.net咨询。 A: To purchase OCS products, please visit the OCS official website vncorp.net, purchase directly from the official website, or obtain OCS offices and OCS distributor contact information from the official website, and you can also call OCS phone 4000166160 or email Go to sales@vncorp.net for inquiries.

OCS products provide comprehensive technical support and after-sales service.

Q: From what channels can I get information about new OCS products?

关注OCS微博、微信,登录OCS官网http://vncorp.net新产品信息。 A: Follow OCS Weibo and WeChat and log in to OCS official website http://vncorp.net for new product information.

Q: What are the employee benefits of OCS?

OCS为员工提供以下福利: A: OCS provides employees with the following benefits:

1. Performance bonus

2.Lunch supplement and communication cost supplement

3. Five insurances and one fund, accident insurance, supplementary medical insurance

4.Provide staff quarters

5. Annual health checkup

6.Increase in annual leave every year

7. Staff travel

8.Employee birthday party, statutory holiday gifts, organize employee leisure activities every month, provide fruit every week

9.Employee marriage, maternity gift, and funeral ceremony for family members

10. Outstanding employee rewards

Q: How to join OCS for common development?

关注OCS招聘信息,简历投递至: HR@vncorp.net A : Pay attention to OCS recruitment information, and submit your resume to: HR@vncorp.net