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Industry news

  • 2019/12 16
    The way to advance the three major wafer fabsView details>

    With the development of advanced technology today, there are more and more things to fight, especially after 5nm, whether it is equipment, materials, cost or even the process itself, a qualitative leap will occur.

  • 2019/12 09
    The battle for silicon carbide wafersView details>

    With the emergence of new applications such as 5G and electric vehicles, the era of the Internet of Things is coming, and the demand for power semiconductors has increased. Compound semiconductor materials such as silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) have jumped into the market focus; In the circle, silicon carbide wafers are a new material that is gaining momentum, but what is the reason for existing manufacturers and new entrants to compete for expansion or layout?

  • 2019/12 02
    Noise-cancelling headset sales feast domestic semiconductor entry is not too lateView details>

    I believe that headphones are a must-have item in everyone's life. When you are alone in the car on the road, or at the party table in the office, listening to your favorite song with headphones is an extremely enjoyable and personal thing When you do n’t affect others and do n’t want to socialize, you can immerse yourself in your own world.

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